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Materialprüfanstalt Brandenburg GmbH

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Material Testing Institute Brandenburg

Integrated services focussing on wood

by an interdisciplinary team of wood technologists, chemists, physicists and biologists

we offer:

  • Efficacy tests of wood preservatives for RAL, DIBt and other authorizing bodies according to all generally accepted national and European procedures
  • Chemical analysis of wood preservatives and wood products
  • Physical-mechanical testing of wood, wood composites and other building materials
  • Evaluation of damage in wooden constructions
  • Quality grading of timber
  • Identification of pests and other damage-causing agents
  • Quality-monitoring of pest eradication measures
  • Expert opinions on the efficacy of wood preservatives
  • Determination of gaseous emissions such as formaldehyde and VOC
  • Residual analysis of pesticides in food products

we are:

  • Recognized test, surveillance- and certification body of DIBt
  • Recognized test and surveillance body of RAL-Gütegemeinschaft wood preservatives
  • Notified Body of EU (certification of CE-labelling of wood composite materials)
  • Laboratory for research and development
  • Service Lab for engeneers, architects, construction firms and home owners
  • Partner of Eberswalde University of Applied Sciences
  • Developer of new test methods and member of many expert and standardization committees
  • Offering seminars for precautionary and remedial wood protection
  • Accredited acc. to DIN EN ISO 9002 and EN ISO/IEC 17025, Reg. Nr. DAP-PL-2313.00
  • Notified body acc. to Altholz-Verordnung
  • Approved test lab for formaldehyde in wood composite materials (IKEA)
  • Accredited as Inspection body acc. to EN ISO/IEC 17020 for wood-based panels, wood preservatives, preservative-treated timber and formaldehyde, Reg.-Nr. DAP-IS-4373.00
  • ARB-approved third party certifier (TPC-18) for composite wood products (formaldehyde, CARB)
  • Approved as conformity evaluation body acc. to DIN EN 45011 for wood composites, wood preservatives, treated wood and formaldehyde; Reg.- Nr. DAP-ZE-4374.00

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The accreditation is valid for test methods specified in the document.

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PÜZ agency recognized by German Institute for civil engineering


Monitoring and certification body notified according to Construction Products Directive in Brussels

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